Long Lasting Lash Adhesive

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Our Long Lasting Lash Adhesive is perfect for an lash set. Rather it’s a classic set, hybrid, Russian volume, or mega volume. Guaranteed up to 4 weeks of retention. Can. Be used with black lashes and colored.

Recommended for advanced use only.
High fumes

5mL of quick drying glue. Dry time is 0.5-1s.

Self life unopened 6 months
Opened 4-6 weeks and should be kept in 40-70% humidity range (68-70degree room temperature).

Ingredients: Poly Isocyanate, Polymetthyl Methacrylate, N- Methyl Pyrrodidine, Ethyl-2- Cyanocrylate, Water, Carbon Black

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I loveeeee this glue only glue i purchase!! I stopped using Amazon lash glue and switched over and let me say my retention is phenomenal ! 3+ weeks and even a month! Definitely worth it.

Crystal Wilson
Best Glue

Glue has increased my retention tremendously! Love it never switching up!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥